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The Web is a rich source of information on keratoconus. A search in any search engine will bring up thousands of links to sites containing information about this eye condition. Below are links to a selected number sites with information about keratoconus.

Please note: Keratoconus Australia Inc takes no responsibility for information found on off-site links. This information is outside the control of the association and it remains the responsibility of internet users to evaluate its accuracy.

Overseas support groups

US National Keratoconus Foundation
Keratoconus Global Support

Med Help International
UK Keratoconus Self Help and Support Group
France: l'association kératocône
Italian Cheratocono Foundation
German Keratoconus site
India: support group page

Research Institutes

Cornea-Genetic Eye Medical Institute (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)
Harvard University's Digital Journal of Ophthalmology
National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health

Australian resources

Vision Australia
Melbourne Corneal Donation Service
Lions NSW Eye Bank
Save Sight Institute at the University of Sydney

Australian health system links

This page on the Department of Health and Aging website provides links to a number of organizations which could help you negotiate the complexities of the Australian health system.Included are:


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