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All urgent medical issues should be directed to your eye carer or the emergency eye clinic at your nearest hospital.

Ask the experts!
Send us your questions about keratoconus and we will endeavour to provide you with an answer from our consulting optometrists or ophthalmologists. Simply write out your question along with your email address in the boxes below and we will send back an answer as soon as possible. Just make sure you consult our common questions page first. The answers you're seeking may already be there.

Please submit only general questions about keratoconus and related issues. Medical advice relating to specific conditions cannot be answered over the internet. Questions about
an individual's specific keratoconus-related problems should always be directed to that person's eye specialist.

If you are seeking an eye-carer in your local area, please register your contact details first on the registration page.

Discussion forum
You can also use the online forum to relate your experiences with keratoconus and provide tips and advice for others with keratoconus. Issues of general interest will also be posted on the Resources or Common Questions pages.


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