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Annual General Meeting 2004

Minutes of Keratoconus Australia Inc Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, 10 November 2004 at the Victorian College of Optometry, corner of Keppel and Elgin Streets, Carlton at 6:30pm

Meeting opened at 6:35pm


Members present

Larry Kornhauser ­ President
Belinda Cerritelli ­ Secretary

Liz Bray ­ Treasurer
Sharon Torney ­ ordinary committee member


Pam Mayne, Veronica Russell

Supporters present

Alon Gendel

Non-members present

Jan Roberts ­ prospective member
Tracey Roberts ­ prospective member


The president took the chair and welcomed everyone present.

Apologies and Proxies      

The secretary reported that no apologies, postal or proxy votes and one postal nomination was received. 


1.     Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 23 October 2003

The confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM:

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 23 October 2003 had been made available for members to read on the intranet.

It was resolved:

That minutes from the Annual General Meeting held 23 October 2003 be adopted.

            Motion: Sharon Torney

            Second: Pam Mayne


2.     Reports

Office bearer reports from the Committee of 2003

a)    President’s report

Larry Kornhauser reported to the meeting about events of the past year, including:

s       the launch of the electronic newsletter

s       the support provided to people with keratoconus and their family

s       KA’s raised profile among eye-carers

s       the upgrade of the website

s       the donations and video sales generated from three information seminars

s       the annual bbq

s       interest in commencing support groups in NSW, QLD and TAS

s       fundraising

s       organ donation

s       contact lens rebates

s       publicity

s       membership

s       the committee

He ended by extending a vote of thanks to Matt Vaughan, Vice President and founding member of KA and its committee, who has gone overseas to pursue new career paths. He expressed that Matt will be missed and the committee wish him well in his future activities. The President also thanked the Committtee for their hard work and The College of Optometry for the use of their facilities.

It was resolved:

That the President’s report 2004 be accepted.

Moved by everyone and adopted unanimously.

b)    Treasurer’s report

The report for the financial year 2002/3 by Treasurer Liz Bray had been available for members to read on the internet and is attached to the minutes. It was noted that the financial situation had decreased slightly and at the end of June there

was $14,557.00 in the bank

It was resolved

That the Treasurer’s report for the Financial Year 1 July 2003 to 30 June 2004 be received.

            Motion: Veronica Russell

            Second: Pam Mayne


C) Secretary’s report

The Secretary, Belinda Cerritelli, reported on how this year there was a greater attention to organising and streamlining processes within KA. She reported that her role largely supported the work described by the President as well as being responsible for the coordination of meetings such as with: seminar speakers, fundraisers, researchers, government agencies and volunteer requests (in Melbourne and interstate). She reported that little progress had been made in investigating possibilities for government and philanthrophic funds. Future project ideas included: research into keratoconus and into other associated issues (eg cost of disease). She concluded by asking members (and non members) to think seriously about joining the committee to assist in the fruition of project ideas. 

It was resolved:

That the Secretary’s report 2004 be accepted.

Moved by everyone and adopted unanimously.

3.     Motions of notice

Nomination for Office and Ordinary Committee Members

As only one nomination for each office bearer position was received by 3 November 2004, the committee were elected unopposed.  One postal vote was received for an ordinary committee member.

The Committee of Management for Keratoconus Australia Inc 2004 was declared:

Office bearers

Secretary - Belinda Cerritelli

Treasurer ­ Elizabeth Bray

President ­ Larry Kornhauser

No nomination was received for vice president and that position remains vacant.

Ordinary Committee members

Sharon Torney

Matt Borg

Helen Rizvi

Helen will be based in Brisbane and hopes to establish a support group there in 2005.

Meeting Close

Meeting closed at 7:10pm